Mimoco Cartman Flash Drive Will Eat His Weight in Storage

SouthPark_Cartman_MIMOBOT_w-1024x707Time has come for San Diego Comic Con to roll around once again, and that means Mimoco will be in tow with all new flash drives.

This year, they’re revealing six Comic Con exclusives, some of which will only see limited production runs. To start off, though, they have four new drives that will enter their regular storehouse. That includes two South Park USB drives – Dead Kenny and an entirely too skinny Cartman. Joining them will be Marceline from Adventure Time and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, both of which will join an already robust set of characters from those shows that Mimoco already has in production.


The Klingon Captain from Star Trek Into Darkness will be available in a limited run of 1,000, and when you take off the cap of the USB drive, you remove his helmet and get to see him give you some massive stinkeye. The bright yellow Galaxor2, Mimoco’s own original character creation, will be opening his gaping red maw for the first 400 that put in an order.

All six of the brand new Mimoco USB flash drives, in addition to the new drives they had already announced in weeks past, will be on display this week at San Diego Comic Con.

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