Paris Hilton Thinks Bluetooth Speakers Are ‘Hot’ at RadioShack

paris-hilton-radio-shack-doodle__oPtThanks to Paris Hilton, RadioShack just got some major celebrity buzz going for their merchandise. Specifically the Auvio Bluetooth Portable Speaker. It looks like Paris stopped in their yesterday with her boyfriend to make the purchase. The Auvio Bluetooth speaker is far from spectacular and will suffice for small rooms in and around your office or home. While we would have chosen any other brand, I can see why the Auvio would appeal to her (it’s simple) or perhaps she was prompted to be appealed to it….hmmm.

Along with the Bluetooth speaker purchase, they allegedly picked up two smartphones as well. So, we ask you – well placed publicity stunt? Or is Paris the savvy consumer electronics shopper that takes advantage of typically well priced tech at RadioShack? In the end, the real winner is Paris because picking out subpar electronic equipment event gets her attention. Now that’s hot!


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