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6 Awesome Designer Bicycles

Sell that old clunker. You don’t need to be putting any more money into gasoline. Just look at those pump prices. And the insurance costs, just forget it. But you know, walking is too slow, and maybe public transport isn’t the most convenient for you. It happens. If only there was a mode of transportation you could own, but didn’t require you to throw away tons of money in side costs!

Oh, but there is. You need to starting riding bikes. You need to ride bikes every day. And when you think about it, how underrated are bikes? Aside from helmet, safety lights, and a pump, additional costs are minimal. It’s good for your health, and you can still get to where you need to go in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, you don’t need to worry about waiting around, like you would with public transport! I don’t know why more people don’t ride bikes. Maybe – maybe it’s because they haven’t found the right bike for them. A bike that exudes style.

Well, that’s about to change. More and more people are hitting the road on two wheels, and that means more and more people are cashing in by creating awesome designer bicycles. Find yours, and then start braving the streets. It’s time to let all the cars know they don’t own the road anymore, nor do they own luxury.


Paul Frank


The basket and bell – bicycle essentials. Paul Frank makes them look better than ever on the Nirve Paul Frank 26”Art School Cruiser, a cream-colored 3-speed bike with a special Galaxie alloy frame. The checked pattern on the seat really seals the deal. Tops if you need to hit the grocery store in style.




Hop on the white stallion of today – the bike from the Lacoste Lab will shine through the darkness, a beacon of light piercing the veil of urban smog. The white and green bike features its own headlight, and is so clean-looking that you will become over-protective, guaranteed.


Factor Bikes


Factor Bikes was started up by bf1systems, a company that makes components for Bugatti, Aston Martin, and the aerospace industry. So, you know they’re going to make a pretty mean bicycle, too. Their Vis Vires bikes go way beyond being sleek and fast – they’re outfitted with wireless sensors to monitor heart rate, speed, cadence, and the power output of both legs individually. For the consummate cyclist.




In a world where bikes rule, Lamborghini is still looking to reign supreme. The luxury brand joined up with impec, maker of high-standard bikes (some of which are used in the Tour de France) to make the 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec. It’s all the performance that impec has to offer, including a build featuring a mesh of tiny carbon tubes, married to Lamborghini luxury, thanks to genuine leather on the handlebars, the likes of which you would see in a Lamborghini car. It’s – well, it’s the Lamborghini of bicycles. What else is there to say?




Being named after the messenger god, it’s only natural that Hermes would come out with their own bicycle. This one has style and practicality in spades. The bike itself is made of lacquered stainless steel, with Taurillon Clemence leather on the seat, frame, and handlebars. But, it’s ready to ride, not just to show off, thanks to front and back lighting, a mud flap, and a spoke protector. It might be expensive, but that mud flap is letting you know this bike doesn’t expect to be treated like a princess.




And, finally, Guess takes us back in time with a cruiser made to glorify the bikes of yesteryear. The orange Cruiser Bike looks like someone just pedaled it out from the ’50s, but it’s ready to be your go-to bike today. There are racks on the back and front that you can strap down cargo to, and a bell in the front to alert everyone to your presence. That way, you can get the attention of inconsiderate car drivers, and everyone can turn their heads to look at your sweet new ride at the same time.

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