iTap is a Leaky Faucet I Want


Ready to have your iPhone on tap? Kinda like your beer? Um, shoot, I’m not sure where I was going with that one. It’s like, water is a utility, and you make that come out of a tap, so now you can do that with your electricity, and – aw, forget it.


The iTap is an AC-to-USB adapter that is for any smartphone or tablet, but especially for iPhones because it’s white and white things go with Apple products. Unfortunately, turning the faucet doesn’t shut down the flow of electricity to save power, like I was hoping, but the light around the faucet turns from red to blue when your device is all charged up.

Well, if this doesn’t prove that design is king these days, I don’t know what does – you know things are getting out of control when adapters need to be kitschy. You can get iTap off Prezzybox for £19.95, or $31.24. That, that is sort of a lot for an adapter, I have to say.

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