Spotify Connect Tries To Be SONOS Without the Speakers


Just what the world needed – another wireless streaming standard. This time, we have Spotify Connect, which is out to allow you to stream your Spotify music to any speaker in your house, from any device, seamlessly.

Thing is, Spotify won’t be making their own speakers. Instead, you’ll need to wait for speakers to start showing up on the market with a Spotify Connect logo, which is just one more logo they’re going to have to start fitting onto boxes. Once you have Spotify Connect speakers, you’ll want to make sure that all of your music players are signed into Spotify. Then, you can connect each one to each speaker that uses Spotify Connect in your home. It’s a lot of legwork for the initial set-up, but it sounds like it’ll be a cinch to switch once you actually have everything up and running.

So, if you’re listening to music on your smartphone as you walk through the front door, you can switch from your headphones to your home speakers on the fly. Then, you could control the music from your laptop or tablet, or switch to other speakers if you move into another room.

Some home audio systems and iOS devices will work with Spotify Connect soon, followed by desktop computers and Android devices. Spotify Connect will only be available for Spotify Premium subscribers.

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