HTC One Gets Supersized as HTC One Max

HTC One maxThose who like symmetry, rejoice. The gaping hole in the universe where there should be an oversized HTC smartphone has finally been filled, as we approach the harmony of all phone makers doing the same thing all the time. Behold the HTC One Max.

Of course, that’s not fair to the Max. There are a few things this one does differently (or, at least, better) than every other jumbo smartphone on the market. But first, the basics. This is a 5.9” smartphone, running Jelly Bean on a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor and 2 GB of RAM. You’ll have a 1080p display, too, along with 32 GB of storage space and a pretty hefty 3,300 mAh battery. Storage will be complemented by a microSD card slot and 50 GB of free Google Drive space.

Otherwise, you’re looking at a phone that’s much the same as the new HTC One. The cameras are unchanged, and you’ll get HTC BlinkFeed (social media aggregator/offline reader), HTC Zoe (Harry Potter-like moving snapshots), and HTC BoomSound (enhanced audio), as well. The new part is a fingerprint scanner. HTC scoffs at Apple’s one fingerprint scanner, and adds three onto the One Max. You’ll be able to use the scanners, which are located on the back of the One Max, to unlock your phone and quickly launch one of three apps, which you can assign individually to each scanner.

The phone looks a lot like the new HTC One, only without the edge-to-edge screen – there is a thin bezel around the sides. The back case is removable, but you won’t be able to swap the battery out. Removing the back will grant you access to the microSD card slot, instead. There’s also an optional Power Flip Case that you can purchase, which will add an extra 1,150 mAh battery to the One Max.

No word on cost yet, but you’ll see the HTC One Max in Verizon and Sprint stores sometime this month.

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