Sena Lugano Kontur Leather Case for iPhone 5/5S Review

iPhone 5/5S is a classy device. You know what’s not classy? A damaged iPhone. Protect yourself with the Sena Lugano Kontur. This case is sophistication at its finest. Made in four different colors of hand-wrapped premium leather, the Lugano Kontur reeks of leathery authenticity.

The Sena Lugano Kontur is a basic snap-on case. The interior is covered in a soft micro suede lining. The back and sides, of course, is crafted in premium leather. You can see, feel, and smell the leathers genuineness. It’s available in black, blue, tan, or red. There’s color matched stitching running around the back of the case.

The best thing about these types of snap-on cases is that the ports and buttons are fully exposed for easy access. There’s no digging required to press a button, flip a toggle, or plug in your headphones. The Lugano Kontur’s downfall is that it’s light on screen protection. The case falls flush with iPhone’s face. All the corners are protected, but we wouldn’t recommend placing iPhone face down. The back is well protected from drops, but the front is not. We recommend a screen protector.

Generally cases as elegant looking at the Lugano Kontur come at a high price. Pricing in at $39.95, Sena’s Lugano Kontur is a bit more expensive than the average iPhone case, but it’s a lot less than it looks like it could be. If you choose to class up your iPhone with the Lugano Kontur a screen protector would be a good idea. Sena’s Lugano Kontur is currently available for pre-order from SenaCases.com with a ship date at the end of October.

The Good: Authentic leather–looks great, feels great, smells great, Variety of color options, Easy access to ports and buttons, Not too heavy

The Bad: Not enough screen protection

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