Snapdragon Smartphone Photobooth Takes a 540 Degree Frozen Moment Snapshot

snapdragon-smartphone-battery-lifeTime to gather up a couple of your friends and practice your best poses from The Matrix, because the 360 degree still frame might be coming to a city near you.

Actually, I shouldn’t sell the Snapdragon Booth short – we’re talking about a 540 degree spiral still frame shot, thanks to a helix of HTC Ones all rigged up to take photos simultaneously. That’s Snapdragon as in Qualcomm, by the way – they’re keen to let everyone know that their processors are found in some of the most popular smartphones of the day, including the HTC One.

The main thing is, you can get your own totally sweet rotating freeze frame by hitting up the roving Snapdragon Booth. Voting to see where the booth goes next is going on now, and it’s taking its sweet time – you have until January 31 to vote. Currently, San Francisco is winning by a wide margin, which is just shocking. It’s already been to Venice Beach in California, and is currently holed up in New York. As you might expect, the Venice results were excellent, and include a fire breather.

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