Urbanears Plattan Pendleton Draws Inspiration from the American Frontier


While other headphone makers have been busy changing and updating their lines, Urbanears has opted to hold pretty steady with their Plattan on-ear headphones. That doesn’t mean they have been neglected, though – every once in a while, they’ll throw out a new style for the new season.

This time, they’re coming out with a Pendleton fabric version of their Plattan headphones. Pendleton fabric hails from the Pacific Northwest, and is a woolen fabric that adopts patterns and designs that resemble Native American art from the region. Urbanears is decking out their headphones with the fabric in time for winter – not that these headphones will actually keep your ears warm, but if you tell yourself that your ears aren’t freezing enough times, I’m sure you can make it true.

The Urbanears Plattan headphones have also stayed mercifully affordable over the years. The Pendleton Edtion headphones are available now for $80.

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