Colorize Your 21” and 27” iMac with a Custom Paint Job

screenshot_1740ColorWare is ready to douse your shiny white iMac in all kinds of color. The custom electronics paint job company has just announced that they’re offering custom jobs on the new 21” and 27” iMacs.

For the iMac, you’ll have four different elements to color as your heart desires – the body, the stand, and, perhaps blasphemously, the front and back Apple logos. For all four elements, you’ll be able to choose from 58 colors – 29 solid and 29 metallic – along with either matte or gloss finishes. And, like with most ColorWare offerings, you’ll have the option of purchasing a brand new iMac through the company, or sending your own in for a paint job.

If you buy new, the 21” iMac will cost $2,050, and the 27” model will come in at $2,550. If you send in your own, the paint job will cost $650, regardless of size. Brand new iMacs will ship in four to six weeks, and if you ship your own iMac to them, you can expect it back within two to three weeks. So, holiday shoppers take note.

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