Doxie Flip Makes Dull Scanners Exciting Again


The trouble with scanners is that sometimes, it’s a pain to get what you need scanned to the device itself. Doxie has flipped that problem on its head, bringing its new scanner, Doxie Flip, to the material itself.

Doxie Flip is roughly the size of a paperback book, and is battery-powered with an SD card slot. That means that not only can the Doxie Flip function wirelessly, it can do so without needing any other external device. Of course, the drawback is you can only scan up to 4” x 6” images at once, although the quality is very good, at 600 dpi. It’s good for photos, as well as journals or notebooks you might carry around with you on the go.

The lid on the Doxie is also removable. That’s useful, because the ‘Flip’ name isn’t just flippant. You can flip over the device, take off the lid, and look through the transparent cover to see exactly what you’re scanning. So, if you’re scanning information out of a document or are trying to get a piece of a larger picture, you can be sure you’re getting exactly the part you want. If you want to get the entire large picture, you can make multiple scans and use the AutoStitch function that will be added to Doxie Flip’s software next month to make the parts into a coherent whole.

Doxie Flip is also integrated with plenty of third party services, like Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, and Ancestry.com, so you can send out your scans immediately, if you want to send a photo to some family members or a document to the rest of your team on a group project.

You can find Doxie Flip online now for about $150.

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