Geneva Sound System XXL Would Look Good with a New Console Inside of it

cabinNeed a new TV stand to go with your new game console? I know you can rationalize that if you try. It should be really easy to rationalize if the stand is the Geneva Sound System Model XXL, a massive speaker that doubles (triples?) as a TV stand and storage cabinet.

The Sound System Model XXL is a wooden cabinet that is big enough to hold a 65” television, and houses six speakers in individual chambers, plus an 8” subwoofer. Next to where the speakers are housed is a storage area just big enough for one of those next-gen consoles you’ll surely have soon (if not already). The speakers themselves can hook up to a television over an HDMI connection. Music can also be played remotely over the speakers using Bluetooth or Apple AirPlay.

The Geneva Sound System Model XXL comes in black, white, or red piano lacquer. Just prepare to pay a lot more for your TV stand than you did for your game console – this one comes in at over $4,000.



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