Intel Experience Store Tour [Nolita]

When Intel announced that they were opening up several pop up shops around the country for the holidays, color us surprised. What could Intel’s very own experience shops have to offer that the likes of Best Buy, the Microsoft Store, and other retailers don’t already have? It turns out that Intel’s new experience shops, truly are an experience unto their own. Instead of the usual colder retail experience you find at most electronic retailers, the Intel Experience shop is all about engaging with the community, while offering community members a chance to learn about Intel’s devices.

This experience is not about getting you to walk out of the shop with a shopping bag. As a matter of fact, the Intel Experience stores won’t even sell anything directly to you. They do offer a Best Buy order station where they’ll help guide you through the process of ordering a device online, but there are no pushy salesmen involved. Instead, Intel is inviting community members to come in and chill out.

The store has plenty of tech advisors on hand to help folks figure out which device is right for them. Should you go for a tablet, 2-in-1, portable all in one? Which is right for you – Android, Chrome, Windows 8? Confused? You can go in to the shop and try out all of the latest Intel systems for yourself, and one of the tech advisors will help you figure out which one is right for you. They are even offering an untethered experience so that you can pick up and walk around with the device. What a novel idea! And it gets better – if you really want to try before you commit to buying, Intel is offering folks a 24 hour loan period for them to take home the tech and try it out properly for a whole day on their own. Of course, they will put a hold on your credit card, but the whole concept is awesome.

Intel also wants members of the community to keep coming back. And they’re going to manage to do that by transforming the store 3 times a day with different store layouts, catered for different events. For example, there will be giveaways, game nights, movie nights, talk sessions, concerts, tech disruptor demos, as well as lots of complimentary treats from local eateries. The store also offers a recycling program for most electronics. And for each gadget that is dropped off, Intel will donate $5 to the local school district.

Want to check out the intel Experience Store yourself? Hurry, because they won’t be around forever. You can check out a full schedule of the Intel Experience Store in Nolita here.


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