Beer Pong Hat is Not a Fashion Statement

pongWell, if you want a game of beer pong to be an even more colossal mess than usual, look no further. Yonder Beer Pong Hat will do a bang-up job, virtually assuring that most of the beer will go on you, not in you.

The Beer Pong Hat will offer an express version of the frat house classic, with just six cups instead of the standard ten. Purists may balk, but they’ll be missing out on the opportunity to bean their friends in the head with ping pong balls legitimately. Besides, those purists are an industrious lot. They’re probably already developing a separate series of intricate, unwritten rules for this iteration of Beer Pong, too.

Will this replace the lampshade at New Year’s Eve parties? In time. The Pong Head Game appropriately enough comes with two hats and one ball, as if you didn’t already have hordes of those lying around. Incidentally, I wonder what the exploding popularity of Beer Pong has done for ping pong ball manufacturers. They must be loving this. Anyway, you, Urban Outfitters, and $18 can make sweet drunken magic with each other right now.

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