NORAD Santa Tracker Gets its Own Windows 8.1 App


The government, as it does every year, is taking a day off spying on the people to turn its eye upward and keep tabs on Santa’s whereabouts as he delivers the goods on the night of Christmas Eve. Just kidding! They’ll still be spying on the people, too.

As is tradition, NORAD will be following Santa as he makes the rounds this year, dropping off the goods with mind-boggling levels of efficiency. The Santa tracker also continues to become more sophisticated – not only can you see where Santa is, but where he’s going next, and how many gifts he’s dropped off. It’s a big number. And, this is now available as a Windows app, which means Live Tiles and real-time updates of where the big man is at any given moment.

Of course, Christmas Eve is still quite some time away. Until then, you can enjoy the obligatory countdown timer. The NORAD Santa Tracker is available for good (and bad) kids for free on the Windows Store.

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