Freeze! Incipio’s iPhone Mounted Gun Game Controller Puts You in the Action


Incipio’s new gun shaped game controller mounts your iPhone on the top and plays into several new augmented reality games that are made just for this controller. The detachable iPhone mount securely fastens the device in place so you are free to whirl around immersed in gameplay.
If you are worried about the kids fighting over who gets to use it, don’t worry, it pairs with up to four devices.

Each charge provides up to 10 hours of wireless gameplay. There are nine control functions, including the obvious trigger, and other buttons that change function based on the game. While there are games made just for this controller, it can also work for other iPhone shooter games. This lightweight accessory comes in a light matter gloss for $69.99, a much cheaper option then a lot of virtual reality accessories out there.

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