TiVo’s New nDVR is a Box Free Solution to Cloud and Social TV Access

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TiVo, the great company we hailed as freeing us from the slavery of watching commercials in the early 2000’s has put on a new face as a boxless cloud based DVR service, with TiVo nDVR. While it is still only in its prototype phase, and details are slim, it appears like this is the new direction that TiVo is moving in, away from its Roamio Box released last year.

One remarkably notable feature is the ability to cache an upwards of seven days of programming on every channel. So even if you forget to record a program, or learn about it from a friend after it aired, you could still access it within that time frame. Since it is not limited anymore to the small storage space on a physical box, this is possible.

It also seems like our former liberators from the thumb of advertising are now in cahoots with cable operators for various ways to optimize monetization and offer multi-tiered priced access. As TiVo’s Vice President of Operations Joshua Danovitz brazenly offered, “The natural evolution of the TiVo Service to address network storage is one of the cornerstones of TiVo’s overall strategy to deliver an experience that delights the consumer on every screen while driving down pay TV operator costs at the same time as increasing monetization opportunities.” Boy, he sure makes that sound appealing.

There is also a social sharing aspect to this service. One can find, share, and recommend what they enjoy with others. It also seems like accessing the content across your devices will be easier than ever. That is a massive perk for avoiding the remote wrestling over whether to watch sports or home and gardens. If you have used TiVo before, they are trying to keep the user interface familiar and easy to use, as pictured above. We look forward to seeing where they go with this.

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