iHeartRadio App Will Keep Your Ear Glued to the New Samsung Gear 2

1525663_10152102077679172_360888182_nThe upcoming Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch is going to be a little more musically inclined than its predecessor, thanks to iHeartRadio app integration.

iHeartRadio on the Gear 2 (and the Gear 2 Neo) will be a way to control the iHeartRadio app running on your smartphone. With the original Gear, you were just limited to using the native media controller to play music. Now, you can access features specific to iHeartRadio, making the Gear 2 a much more compelling smartphone companion. Using the app on the Gear 2, you can access new stations, save favorites, scan live stations, skip songs, and give a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

All in all, it’s a good sign for the Gear 2. Like a lot of car infotainment systems, the smart watch is only as useful insofar as there is third party app integration – otherwise, it’s a pretty limited smartphone companion. This suggests that more third party integration might be in the future for the Gear line – the smartwatch might have some life, after all.

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