Get a Grip with the Notchbook Case for iPad Air

ipad-mini-case-black_b001e46a-1d7e-49c9-9e95-96b10fb1ef32Tablet cases aren’t always the most comfortable things to hold. I’m already imagining an infomercial where a frustrated man tries to cradle his iPad case in his open hand, all for it to slip out and fall to the floor, knocking a cup of coffee out of his other hand. What a mess!

Fortunately, there’s the Notchbook Case (cue upbeat music). It’s your standard leather folio case, made for the new iPad Air. You can fold it closed and use it as a stand, as well. The little added extra is a small notch located on the bottom of the case when held in portrait orientation. The notch is shaped so that you can slip your hand in, giving you a solid, comfortable grip on your tablet and case, with no fumbling around. And no lost cups of coffee!

The Notchbook Case for iPad Air costs $40, and comes in black, merlot, purple, tan, or teal.



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