ThinkGeek Showcases First of Many Arcade Inspired Watches


Dump those smart watches and tell Apple to throw whatever iWatch plans they have in the trash. ThinkGeek will soon have something far worthier of your wrist.

Later this year, they’ll be rolling out classic arcade-style watches, complete with tiny little joysticks and flashing lights. The watch faces will even be shaped like old-school arcade cabinets – so, if you’re prone to banging your watch on the wall when turning corners, you might want to watch yourself with this one.

The initial offering will be a Galactic Defender watch, sort of a riff off Asteroids or Space Invaders, complete with futuristic turquoise blue font (you know the one). More styles are being planned, and when they become available, you can expect to pay $60 to get yourself a retro gaming timepiece.




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