My Virtual Fashion Show Inspires Budding Fashion Designers

Indeed, the world will always need fashion designers. Crayola is providing a creative outlet for the youngsters who are being weaned on Project Runway with My Virtual Fashion Show, a coloring book-app hybrid for the fashion designers of the future.


My Virtual Fashion Show contains a 24-page sketchbook and 10 colored pencils. The sketchbook has different types of garments that can be designed and colored any way the artist sees fit. Once that’s taken care of, they can grab an iOS or Android device. By using the front-facing camera and an app, kids can see their creations on models within the app, so they can learn early on that how it looks on the rack is definitely not indicative of how it will look out in public. A hard, important lesson to learn.

My Virtual Fashion Show is available online from Walmart and Amazon for about $20.


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