Come on Feel the Noise: Beats Music App Coming to Chevrolet AppShop

Beats Music, the new streaming music service from Beats, isn’t even a few months old and it’s already migrating to the newest of app platforms – the car. At SXSW, Chevrolet announced that Beats Music will be available on the Chevrolet AppShop.

The Chevrolet AppShop, which will be accessible via the MyLink display in Chevrolet cars starting with some 2015 models, will be a break from the usual connectivity within cars – instead of needing a companion smartphone app, the apps available on the new shop will run right on the car, without the need for another device. Beats Music will open up the service’s library, recommendation engine, and playlists to drivers. Because it is a car-specific app, there will be built-in safety features that will disable the most distracting features (like typing searches on a virtual keyboard) while the car is in motion.

Beats Music is just one of no doubt many apps that will show up on the Chevrolet AppShop once it launches. Already, there have been a few other music and streaming radio services that have signed on. As for Beats Music itself, you will need to have either an active trial or a paid subscription to use the in-car app.


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