Love.by.me Takes 3D Printed Jewelry to The Next Level


Nothing has shaken up the world of custom orders quite like 3D printing, which has thrown open the doors for affordable, personalized knickknacks of all kinds. And, nothing begs for customization like matching jewelry for couples. Sorry to any single people who may be gagging right now.

Love.by.me takes the idea of personalized jewelry to its gooiest, most romantic extreme. They’re 3D-printing hearts (of sterling silver or the less sexy-sounding high-definition polyamide or alumide) that can be worn as pendants or used as a key ring. But, if we just stopped there, that would be nowhere near mushy enough. Love.by.me seals the deal with the personalization bit – the hearts will be made of the names of the two lovebirds in question, wrapping around the heart in 3D bliss. Adorable.


If you’re not feeling overwhelmed by romantic clichés yet, these are also made in France. The hearts start at €13, but price can vary by size, color, and material.

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