Bluelounge’s Jimi is a Fine Looking USB Extender

JM_top_01Sometimes, Apple’s commitment to aesthetics gets in the way of practicality. Case in point are the new ultra-slim iMacs – there doesn’t seem to be any compelling reason to have edges so slim that they can’t hold ports, but so it goes. Those ports are hidden away in the back, which happens to be the least accessible part of the computer, surprisingly enough.

Bluelounge has come out with a nifty little solution if you’ve found this design quirk to be less than ideal. It’s more or less an extension cord for your USB ports – but, since it’s being designed with an Apple product in mind, it obviously has to look a lot nicer than that. And it does! Jimi is a J-shaped extender for the USB port, which goes down the back of the iMac and puts a usable USB port right in front, at the bottom of the display. Much more accessible than before, which is particularly handy if you find yourself needing to use and remove flash drives frequently.

The other cool thing with the Jimi is that there’s a small clip near the USB port that fits into one of the air vents on the bottom of an iMac (both 21.5” and 27” models are supported). That way, you can apply force to push your flash drive into the port without worrying about dislodging the Jimi or having to hold it in place.

You can get Jimi from Bluelounge now for $15.

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