Moaxis Lets You Send and Receive Text Messages on your PC or Mac

alerts21-660x495Don’t want to always have to check notifications on your phone? Moaxis will let you see them on pretty much anything connected to the Internet.

Moaxis is an app/service that takes notifications from your phone and syncs them with Moaxis host software running on any number of platforms. That’s not just limited to PCs, Macs, and other mobile devices, either. You can get Moaxis on smart TVs and video game consoles, too, making it more robust than most in terms of cross-platform support.

Notifications include receiving text messages and incoming calls, which is where Moaxis gets really interesting. As of now, you can reply to text messages using any one of the platforms listed above – basically, you can text from a keyboard, which is so much nicer than typing on a mobile device. As for calls, you’ll only be able to see incoming calls now, but in the future, you’ll be able to actually take those calls on any of those platforms.

The Moaxis app is available now for Android, and is in development for iOS and Windows Phone. The supporting host software is up and running for Windows 8.1 and Mac, with support for Chrome OS, PlayStation 4, Android tablets, iPad, and Samsung Smart TVs coming soon.

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