Disney’s Frozen Becomes a Karaoke App, Naturally

Well, for Disney fans, this app is pretty much essential. It’s the music from Frozen. You can sing along to it. And record yourself. To be honest, you’ve probably either stopped reading or are already downloading the app at this point.

Disney Karaoke: Frozen takes nine songs from the soundtrack – instant classics like ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ included – and puts them in the app, complete with music videos from the movie. There are follow-along lyrics, of course, and you can record your beautiful renditions and export them to iTunes.

Now, it’s true, you’ve probably been belting out ‘Love Is an Open Door’ in the shower perfectly fine without the app, but now you can do it officially! The Disney Karaoke: Frozen app is available for iOS now for $7.99.

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