This iPhone Case Will Have You Running for Cover


Every once in a while, an anime will break out just a little bit more than usual in the West, and our cultures continue to meld, and a victory is won for globalization. Today’s winner seems to be Attack on Titan, an anime about a bunch of humanoid giants who seem to make life really, really difficult for our ordinary human heroes.


The upshot here is that our ordinary human heroes carry some pretty sweet super hard blades. Maybe you can’t get the actual blade, but you can deck out your iPhone 5/5S with those neat-looking hilts. The cross between pistol grip and hilt makes for a pretty solid case, and you can even move around the details, although, as the description makes clear, you cannot actually stick a blade on it. Shame, that would have really put the iPhone over the top in the smartphone wars.

The Attack on Titan Super Hard Blade Case is ready for action on Strapya World for $38.30.

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