Jennifer Lopez Birthday Cake Will Make You Roar

In the strangest bit of lion-related celebrity news since Snoop Dogg’s ill-fated attempt at a name change, we have a massive birthday cake in the form of Jennifer Lopez reclining with a lion.

The cake was made for Lopez’ 45th birthday party in Southampton, so now you know how old she is, if you were wondering. The five-foot, approaching life-sized cake was masterminded by Lopez’ party planner and SamiCakes Boutique. The latter put the cake together in two days. It was a coconut-cream-filled lemon cake. I cannot even comprehend how much cream filling that required. But, given that we’re talking about Jennifer Lopez’ birthday party, I’m assuming the guest list was big enough to warrant the size.

Wait, no, according to People, there were 60 people at the party. I’m not about to do the math, but it seems like Lopez probably got stuck with some serious leftovers. I hope the other party-goers got to take some home with them after.

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