This App Will Extend Your iPhone Battery Life

Of all the praises that have been sung of the iPhone, none have been paeans to superior battery life. Fortunately, a new app is ready to help you get the very most out of that ever-struggling battery.

Normal is a battery optimization app, and while that’s been done plenty of times before, this app manages to get a nose past the competition. Like any battery app, Normal identifies which apps are running on your phone and your current battery level. But, all that usage data, plus what kind of phone you have, doesn’t just stay on your phone. It’s uploaded to a central server, where an algorithm designed at UC Berkeley’s Amp Lab takes over.

That algorithm will aggregate the usage stats of all users, analyzing which apps are chronic battery drains. This way, Normal won’t just tell you which apps on your phone are draining the battery more than others—it’ll be able to tell you whether the app in question is a drain for everyone else, or if it’s a problem specific to you. That way, you can choose to change your usage habits on a given app, shut it down, or get rid of it altogether. You’ll be able to close apps from Normal, for instant relief. Normal will also tell you which apps you should generally avoid if you’re concerned about battery life. And, since this is relying on an algorithm, you’ll even get a confidence rating about how likely it is that the app is correct about how much battery life you’ll save if you close an app.

Normal is available now on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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