Kids React to Typewriters and they Actually Know What it is!

Kids react typewriter

The only thing that makes for more gripping YouTube than elders reacting to modern technology is kids reacting to old technology. In the latest installment of Kids React, the venerable typewriter was submitted for consideration.

But, the Kids React cast is a pretty savvy one. Most all of them recognized a typewriter when they saw one, and most all of them knew what it was for (the keys are a helpful hint). Things break down when the kids try to actually use the thing, which in some cases starts to look like Zoolander trying to get files from a computer.

As always, astute observations are in abundance, in particular when one kid notes that writing would probably be easier. Modern conveniences like copy and paste are missed, and a sense of sadness, pity, and maybe a little gratitude washes over the children as they come to grips with the struggles their forbears endured. Inspiring stuff.

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