OPI Coca-Cola Nail Polish is 0 Calories – 100% Awesome

God-tier brand synergy today, as we take a look at a partnership made in fizzy, fashionable heaven. If you haven’t hit up your local Ulta in a while, treat yourself and check out OPI’s refreshing new Coca-Cola-inspired line of nail polish.
OPI’s new line is anchored by Coca-Cola Red, which is more or less a classic red nail polish. If we’re being honest, this is probably just the latest step Coca-Cola is taking to claim full ownership of the color red. In 2045, our children will learn their primary colors, and they will know Coca-Cola Red®. They will lose points on their quizzes if they forget the ®.


Of course, Coca-Cola runs deep in the soda game, so there’s plenty room for more colors than just classic red. There’s a silver inspired by the Diet Coke can (Turn on the Haute Light), along with a dark green (Green on the Runway), based on Sprite. Most of the names are plays on the drink names, but some aren’t, which is kinda weird, but I guess that detracts from the main point, that you have new nail polish colors to go buy.

The nine new colors have been available online and in stores since June, so if you haven’t gotten on board, there’s no reason you can’t jump on now. Go on and get yourself a new color or three—unlike the Coke Zero nail polish, you will have accomplished far more than zero. You can buy the whole collection on Amazon. 

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