TowlHub is Not Your Ordinary Paper Towel Holder

There are lots of silly USB hubs out there, but believe it or not, the TowlHub is not one of them. The aptly named hub is actually a paper towel holder that doubles as a 4 port USB hub. The design of the TowlHub is quite nice and will easily match your other kitchen appliances, thanks to its sleek, stainless steel body. The base is also weighted, water resistant and non slip – just as any good paper towel holder should be. To top it all off, the TowlHub sports an interchangeable topper that works as a wine stopper! On the gadget front, the TowlHub can charge 4 devices at once and is powerful enough to charge even an iPad or tablet.

You can pick up the TowlHub from SkyMall for $49.99. That pricing isn’t bad at all considering that it looks good and offers you a super practical way to charge gadgets in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can pick up a more expensive version of the TowlHub that comes with 2 bluetooth speakers. The latter will cost you $89.99, but it’s still a super practical gadget for the kitchen.

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  1. Great kitchen gadget. Wonder if the 4 ports supply 1.0A or 2.1A? It seems a new norm these days to add USB ports or USB cables to everyday items. Nomad comes to mind

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