This Case Disguises Your iPhone 6 as a Galaxy S5

Over the past few years, the View Flip Cover has probably been more representative of the Galaxy S than whatever plastic shell Samsung has happened to use. Makes sense, because Samsung sells the cases themselves, and the cases are pretty useful in their own right, protecting the screen while giving you time and notifications at a glance.

Thanks to Sketch, you won’t need to wait long to dress up your iPhone 6 in the Galaxy S5’s clothes. Their SlimView case is the iPhone version of the View Flip Cover, with a view window that shows time, battery life, Wi-Fi signal, and the rest of your phone’s vitals. Despite being so thin, the case has a dual-layer construction, with a hard exterior and a soft polyurethane interior.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to totally disguise your iPhone, would you? Heavens forfend. The back of the SlimView case is translucent, so you can make out the contours, lines, and, yes, the Apple logo that all grace the back of the iPhone 6.

The Sketch SlimView case is available now for $20.


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