Lively Has Created a Smartwatch For Seniors

Last year, we took a look at Lively, which was then a Kickstarter project. Lively came to fruition, bringing a small network of sensors that can operate independently of a Wi-Fi network into the homes of independent seniors, helping them retain that independence while keeping family members updated on their health and safety. Lively is now adding a new wearable into the mix, called the Lively Smartwatch.

The new smartwatch will more or less be an additional sensor added to Lively’s already existing set of sensors. The previous sensors could be placed around the house near key devices or places to detect movement or activity. For example, sensors could alert family members when an unusually long time has passed since the refrigerator had been opened or since a pillbox had been last used.

While those sensors were more for the family’s peace of mind, the smartwatch does more for the seniors themselves. The watch can give seniors reminders to take medicine, or alerts when they’ve missed taking their medicine. There’s also an emergency button on the watch, which contacts a dispatcher and alerts family contacts by email or text. And, like pretty much every other smartwatch, there are some basic fitness tracking features built in (like steps taken), which seniors and family members alike can view. It’s also waterproof, so it can still be worn in the shower.

Like the other Lively sensors, the smartwatch relies on the Lively Hub, which is outfitted with its own cellular network, meaning that the senior doesn’t need to have internet service for Lively to work.

The Lively Smartwatch (available in black or white) is now included in the Lively Kit, which now consists of the smartwatch, the hub, and four general-use motion sensors. The Lively Kit now costs $50, with subscriptions to the Lively service (which includes the cellular connectivity and the dispatch service) coming in at $35 per month, $360 per year, or $670 for two years.

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