Your Cat Will Look Delicious in the Cat Can Scratcher

Normally, I think giving your cat the false promise of tuna would be an express ticket to bodily harm for you, but she might forgive you for this one. The Cat Can Scratcher is a scratching post that doubles as a naptime hideaway—the love of those two things come close to matching cats’ love of tuna. Not quite, though, so there’s still considerable risk involved.

The Cat Can Scratcher is made of cardboard, and while durability is promised, I can’t help but feel like they underestimate the destructive power of an upset cat (or any cat, really). Either way, it’ll serve as a nice bed for your feline friend for a while, and with any luck will save your couch from kitty abuse for another few months.

It’s available now from Japan Trend Shop, and as per usual, it’s insanely overpriced. Such is the price of overseas novelties for your cats. You can get the Cat Can Scratcher for $51, with another $37 on top of that for shipping.

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