MixStik Uses LED Lights and an App to Make the Perfect Cocktail

Usually we shy away from Kickstarter projects around here, but when we come across such an elegant combination of simplicity and booze, we can hardly look the other way. MixStik managed to shake up IFA, giving us a new and easy way to make pretty good cocktails.

Not perfect cocktails, mind you — pouring booze according to static LED light indicators is still an inexact science. We’re still loving the idea, though — MixStik is a combination of a stick equipped with 24 LED lights and an app stocked with cocktail recipes tailored to the stick. Choose a cocktail on the app, and the lights on the stick will change color according to which ingredients you need and the quantities needed, which you can navigate using a color key on the app. The stick can be calibrated to different-sized glasses, while the app can be connected to up to five sticks at once.

It’s a cool device, but we’re hoping for a few refinements in the future. Give us a stick that gives us a flash or a vibration when we’ve poured exactly the right amount, and you’ll really have our attention. But, even as is, we have MixStik down as our favorite startup product of IFA 2015 (go ahead and judge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). If you want to get in on the latest in cocktail technology, watch for the MixStik Kickstarter to get underway on September 29, with shipping scheduled for Q1 2016. $40 will get you one stick, although there will be early bird prices available during the funding campaign. Best news is that we took a look at a working model of MixStik at IFA, so at the very least, this is a Kickstarter project well past the idea stage.

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