Philips Wants Your Gadgets to Smell Good

I feel shade being thrown in our directions, the same sort one feels when offered a Tic-Tac unexpectedly. Philips is suggesting that maybe our computers are super gross and need some freshening up with their Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner.


And you know what? I’m grateful, because computers are super gross. Everyone’s hands get all over them, and there are weird smudges, and who knows what’s down there underneath that keyboard. The least we can do is gloss over the grossness with one of four stock pleasant smells, and that’s exactly the way out Philips is offering. The anti-bacterial part is much appreciated, too, because now I’m aware of how gross the computer I’m using is, and I’m searching for the nearest bottle of Purell.

You can find Philips Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner on Amazon for $10 per bottle, each coming with a microfiber cleaning cloth. The cleaner comes in lavender, chamomile, mint, and rose, but it’s all out of stock right now (temporarily, fortunately for us). I’m excited for them to come back in stock, although I’m a little upset there’s no new car scent.