LEGO Releases Their Own Awesome Batman v Superman Poster

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is in theaters now, and while debates are raging over who the better superhero is and, mainly, whether or not the movie is trash, there’s one thing we can all (well, alright, most of us) can agree on — Lego is awesome. They’ve released their own poster for the movie, but don’t think they’re just doing DC and Warner Bros. a solid — Lego has some new sets based on the movie that they want you to check out, too.

The Lego poster is based on the real movie poster with Batman and Superman staring at each other angrily. The Lego poster just replaces Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill with Lego Batman and Superman, who are still staring at each other angrily. We can’t help but feel that the edginess has been toned down to some significant degree.


We also have to give Lego credit for keeping it positive. Instead of the movie, which pretty much is heroes and villains alike tearing stuff up, Lego wants us to “build something super.” Specifically, that refers to three new sets in their DC Comics Super Heroes line. The Heroes of Justice: Sky High Battle features some unexpected cooperation between the heroes, as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman work to rescue Lois, who has been kidnapped and stashed away in Lex Luthor’s helicopter. Batman shows up in his Batwing, which is much larger than Luthor’s helicopter, so I guess we know who won that battle of the billionaires.


The Kryptonite Interception set has the Batmobile going up against a forklift. It’s a forklift carrying Kryptonite, yeah, and it looks like one of the henchmen has some sore of a rocket-propelled grenade launcher, but still, I think the Batmobile has this one in hand. The Clash of the Heroes set gets down to business, pitting Lego Superman against Lego Batman, as promised by the poster. It looks like Batman kept some of the Kryptonite from his forklift battle, too.

The sets range from $13 to $60 and are all available now.