Blink Home Security Cameras Are Wire-Free and Work With Amazon Alexa

This year, the home security camera market is taking a step forward. Up until now, most cameras (with the exception of the Netgear Arlo) have required a connection to a wall outlet for power, which limited where cameras could be placed. Recently, Canary released an outdoor-friendly version of their camera that can run on battery power and cellular connectivity, if need be. That’s being followed by the Blink home security camera, a wireless camera that might be a little better suited for indoors.

The basics are almost on par with other home security cameras out there — it can record 720p video and audio, stream its feed to an app, or push out alerts if something triggers the motion detector while its owners are away. The camera also uses a gentle light to help it see in the darkness, and uses its motion detector to activate recording almost instantaneously, ensuring you get the maximum amount of video in an emergency. It falls a little short by relying on that light instead of night vision and lacking two-way audio, but the $99 price tag might be low enough to make the sacrifices worth it.

But, what sets Blink apart is battery life. It gets two years on two AA batteries, so it can pretty much be set up and forgotten about. The battery life is made possible by all the smart features on the camera — it can stay off until prompted by the motion detector or turned on manually or on a schedule when it’s needed, so it’ll mostly be on standby. So, keep in mind that actually, battery life relies on how often the camera is on and recording.

Blink is a new camera, so it’s still having new features added to it rapidly. They’ve recently added support for multiple Blink cameras on one account, so you can set up an entire security camera system. Even better, Blink now works with Amazon Echo, so you can use Alexa to control Blink cameras using voice commands or with other smart home devices.

Despite the fact that that nightlight might give away its location, Blink is designed to be a little smaller and easier to hide. It’s a square with the lens, light, and microphone on the front. Mounting is convenient, too — it’s light enough to be held up with double-sided adhesive. There are no actual mounts available for Blink right now, so it’s not suitable for outdoor use, but if you have a place in mind in your home that’s out of range of an outlet or your Wi-Fi network, Blink should be ideal.

Blink is available online for $99. It can also be purchased in packs of two, three, or five for $169, $229, and $349, respectively. All of those options come with a sync module that the cameras connect to wirelessly, allowing you to get further away from your Wi-Fi router than usually possible. If you need more than five cameras, you can add additional cameras for $75 each, with additional sync modules available for $50 each.

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