Vans Toy Story Sneakers Will Take You to Infinity and Beyond!

So, how does Vans top its awesome Nintendo sneakers from the summer? Alright, we don’t know that this necessarily tops the Nintendo kicks, but we’re pretty excited for them anyway — Vans is teasing a collection of Toy Story sneakers on their site right now.

We don’t have much information aside from what the info page has on the Vans website. The best news is that it’s being called a holiday collection, so we’ll definitely see them before the end of the year (we’re guessing sometime in November). Needless to say, these are destined to be left under trees, and really, what could be more appropriate for Toy Story sneakers?

You can sign up for email alerts that will let you know when the sneakers are available, which might be a good idea — they’ll definitely be limited edition, and they’ll definitely sell fast. Disney has a collection of images on their Style site, giving us a look at what we can expect. The Vans Authentic sneaker is getting Woody and Woody & Bo Peep designs, while the Old Skools are getting an awesome Buzz look, plus designs featuring Woody and all of Andy’s toys. You can oooooo at the Elevated Era getting the Alien treatment, but the Sk8-His might be our favorites. The Buzz Sk8-Hi is OK, but the all-brown Woody Sk8-His look clean and the pastel Bo Peep Sk8-Hi Slims look incredible. There’s also a slip-on with Sid’s Mutant Toys, but I don’t know, I feel like you don’t come to a Toy Story x Vans collection gunning for Sid’s Mutant Toys. I could be wrong.

A lot of the shoes (if not all of them) have Andy scrawled on the bottom, which is a cute little extra touch. We’re not sure how much they’ll sell for, but we imagine (hope) prices won’t be much different from the Nintendo x Vans collection, which topped out at $75.

Via High Snobiety

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