New Justice League Set Shot Gives Us a Fresh Look at Ezra Miller as the Flash

Justice League is due in theaters on November 17, 2017, and in all likelihood will determine the fate of the DC Cinematic Universe. It’s been a rough start for DC and Warner Bros. so far, but with box office performance outstripping critical reaction, there’s reason for optimism. Justice League presents a greater challenge, though — we love the Avengers, but there’s no more iconic superhero ensemble than the one featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and all their superfriends. Today, Entertainment Weekly gave us a fresh look at one of those superfriends, revealing a promo shot showing the Flash alongside Batman and Wonder Woman.

Aside from the brief and frenzied cameo in Batman V Superman, the Flash is yet to make his mark in the DCCU. That’ll change in Justice League, which will have bigger roles for both the Flash and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. In the movie, Barry Allen will be the same sort of younger, wisecracking figure that Spider-man now is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He’ll be played by the 24-year-old Ezra Miller, who certainly looks young enough to pull it off.

Believe it or not, the photo isn’t just a simple hero pose shot. ComicBook.com found out what was going on in that photo — you can hit the link if you don’t mind spoilers. All we’ll say is that it’s a shot from one of the movie’s action-heavy scenes, and that the trio might be looking up at another League member.

Header Image: Warner Bros. and DC via Entertainment Weekly

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