Williams Sonoma Has a Beauty and the Beast Limited Edition Soup Pot

We’re comfortable saying this is the most romantic soup pot of all time.

In a story that really could have only come out of Williams Sonoma, an honest-to-goodness limited edition official Beauty and the Beast soup pot is a real thing that can be purchased. Le Creuset is adding the design to their enameled cast iron pot, they are making 500 of them, and they are going to be the 500 easiest soup pots Le Creuset will have ever sold.

The enameled pot and lid both get a blue finish — we want to say they color matched it to Belle’s dress, but we don’t know whether or not we’re looking at that level of commitment. They’ve also got a pair of roses on the lid, along with ‘Be our guest’ etched into the gold knob. Did Le Creuset go all the way and handpick 500 employees to enchant into these pots? Does Le Creuset even have that many employees? We don’t know!


Williams Sonoma is currently selling the Beauty and the Beast pot online for $280, which is honestly probably a lot cheaper than they could be selling 500 of these pots for. It won’t ship until June, though, so it won’t come in time for the release parties we know you’re all planning for March.

UPDATE 02/28/2017: At the time this post was published, the pot was not sold out. In the hour after we published this post, the pot sold out. We’re taking credit for this, and we’ll let you know if Le Creuset decides to make more.

Via Kitchn

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