How Drones and Smart Devices Are Changing the World

We’re on the precipice of an exciting era. Smart devices are becoming connected in increasingly meaningful ways, providing businesses and people alike with meaningful data and analysis. Businesses are going to enjoy huge increases to productivity as processes become more efficient, while the everyday person will be able to care for their home more easily and effectively — all the more time to play around with the awesome gadgets we’re getting these days.

You see the potential. We see the potential. AIG also sees it. It’s why they’ve dedicated resources to research, properly support and help make sure these innovations sustain.

What better example than drones? Domino’s and Chipotle are working on delicious delivery drones that could make pizzas and burritos fly. At the same time, commercial Drones are poised to become involved in everything from agricultural, to security, construction and energy, and even real estate. With a regulatory framework finally in place, the way is clear for all kinds of businesses to take advantage of drone delivery. With increased speed (there’s a little less traffic in the sky!), more deliveries can be made in a single day, creating a potential windfall for virtually any consumer-facing business.


AIG’s expertise in drones come from firsthand knowledge. They’ve used drones to advance insurance industry practices. AIG continues to study all the ways both businesses and consumers can reap the benefits these flying wonders bring. And they’re positioned to bring plenty.

There’s good news for homeowners, too. Smart thermostats, locks, cameras, lights, blinds, and the list goes on (and on) are all online and working together to make home smarter, safer, more efficient and less work. The home of the future that science fiction has been promising us for ages is truly here.

AIG’s risk management expertise will help make these pioneering technologies and smart products viable — like self-driving cars. Imagine a future where the home and the car are completely automated — if you’re a commuter, that’s hours per day that you’ll have back to do things a lot more enjoyable than stressing out over traffic.

It’s a future that’s not quite here yet, and that means opportunity. AIG’s been working side by side with the talented individuals and companies working hard to bring innovations to the forefront. To learn about how some of these exciting technological advancements will affect you and the rest of the world, visit aig.com/insights.

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