MetroPCS Now Has a Prepaid Unlimited Plan for $50

High-speed tethering will cost you $10 extra, though.

T-Mobile, not content to help reintroduce unlimited plans to the postpaid market, is now doing the same for prepaid through MetroPCS. The carrier just updated their pricing tiers, giving both their $50 and $60 plans unlimited 4G LTE data.

The difference between the two plans is in the hotspot — tethering, in other words. Tethering with high-speed data won’t be possible on the $50 plan, but you’ll get 8 GB monthly on the $60 plan. On the $50 plan, there are also similar restrictions to T-Mobile’s unlimited plan at launch. Streaming video will be limited to 480p, while the $60 tier will include HD video streaming (something T-Mobile just added to their One plan).

Both the $50 and $60 tiers will still face stiff competition from the postpaid carriers, which are rapidly changing their plans in a price cut frenzy. Sprint now offers unlimited 4G LTE data and HD video for $50, although that price will only last until March 2018 and requires the trade-in of an iPhone 7 (it’s $60 normally). T-Mobile’s One plan, which now includes HD video streaming and 10 GB of high-speed tethering, is sitting at $70.

MetroPCS still has $30 and $40 tiers, which provide 1 GB and 3 GB of 4G LTE data, respectively. Of the two, only the $40 tier has Music Unlimited, which doesn’t count streaming music from most major services against the high-speed data cap.

It’s no surprise that we’re seeing so many unlimited 4G LTE data plans now. With 5G rollout set to begin this year, carriers are probably looking ahead to how they’ll price those plans — something that won’t necessarily be as clear cut as it was in previous generations.

Via Prepaid Phone News

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