Beauty on Wheels; Woman is First Contestant to Enter Miss World in a Wheelchair

Beauty pageants such as Miss World have been around for decades, and have always been a fun and competitive way for women to show off their beauty and possibly win a prize or two. Now, one woman is trying to change the way that we think about beauty.

Justina Clarke, a twenty-six-year-old Australian native, has been wheelchair bound for the past two years due to a “lower leg deformity.” This hasn’t stopped her dreams, though, and this Sunday she entered the Miss World pageant for a chance to smash stereotypes on beauty in society. This strong woman has been active on trying to change the stereotypical view of people with disabilities, and is now on record for being the first woman in a wheelchair to enter the pageant.

Clarke has just competed in the state finals in Adelaide, and was keen on entering the Miss World pageant due to their “Beauty with a Purpose” movement. The young woman hasn’t shared much about her disability or the events proceeding it, but has been an active candidate in many ways to get those with a disability into pageants. She has been very vocal about her disability and proudly states that it doesn’t define her. “No matter what your race, size or disa.” Even though she is in a wheelchair, the young woman is proud of her accomplishments and knows that she is still the same person that she was two years ago.

Clarke has definitely gotten a ton of attention, with many cheering the young woman on. Though she didn’t make it into the Miss World pageant, she is still working with many foundations and charities so that, one day, a woman with a disability will be able to walk down the catwalk just like any other person.

Hopefully, one day Clark will live her dream to make the way down the catwalk. Until then, we just have to keep fighting for the right of women with disabilities to enter pageants like normal women. Fortunately, with all that Clark has been advocating for, it seems like that will become a reality sooner rather than later.

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