Cheerios is Trying to Help Save the Bees by Sending Out Over 100 Million Wildflower Seeds

The brand wants you to be bee friendly.

As you’ve probably heard at some point in the last few years, bees haven’t been doing so hot lately. Bee populations are cratering worldwide, which is bad news for everyone — they pollinate a lot of plants, and a lot of those plants bear a lot of the food we eat. Without bees, food gets a lot harder to grow.

There are a lot of reasons for why bees are on the decline, but one is that they don’t seem to have as many food sources available. Cheerios figures since we a good chunk of our food thanks to the bees, we should probably return the favor. Also, their mascot is a bee, so I think they started to feel bad. That, and Nut Cheerios doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The idea is that the Cheerios mascot, Buzz, has disappeared in solidarity with his fallen bee friends. To help bring him back, the brand is sending out free wildflower seeds to whoever’s willing to plant them — the flowers are a reliable source of food for bees, allowing for colonies to grow and thrive. Cheerios had originally planned to send out 100 million free seeds (courtesy of Veseys Seeds), but they blew past that goal, so they figured they’d keep a good thing going.

On their website, Cheerios is giving tips on how to plant and care for the wildflowers. They’ve also got a map up of where seeds have been planted — if you order some, you can tell Cheerios and they’ll get yours up on the map, too. For now, the seeds are only being sent to the United States and Canada, but that map only covers the United States.

With the rusty patched bumblebee becoming the first bumblebee species to hit the endangered list this year, the hope is that this giveaway can finally spark a real movement towards saving bees.

Via USA Today

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