McDonald’s and Mindy Kaling Respond to the Burger King Commercial in Their Own Sly Way

Marketing departments are having the time of their lives with all this data.

Maybe the Hamburglar will show up Beetlejuice style if Mindy Kaling says ‘McDonald’s’ during those new commercials. Whatever the reason, saying the brand name is a no go — McDonald’s has decided to have some fun with Google searches instead.

If there’s one thing that modern-day marketing departments love, it’s analytics. And apparently, analytics have supported a truth well known to all — McDonald’s Coke tastes better than all other Coke (it just does, we don’t ask questions). So, they’re having Kaling exhort viewers to search for “that place where Coke tastes so good,” which, as it should, returns a bunch of McDonald’s links. That’s good Google Analytics work from someone.

Of course, McDonald’s isn’t going totally incognito with these ads. Kaling’s yellow dress on the red background makes it pretty obvious who’s paying for the ad, and they use what I only know as McDonald’s font for some of the text at the end.

The ad isn’t just there to remind everyone that McDonald’s Coke is the best, because I don’t think anyone forgot. Instead, Googling as Kaling instructs leads to the discovery that it is, in fact, McDonald’s that is cutting the price of that super-awesome Coke, offering any size of drink for $1.

If you’re, like, super into the world of advertising, you can hit the AdWeek link below for the in-depth on how the campaign came to be and who was behind it. Or, you can just cut to the chase and hit up your nearest McDonald’s with nothing but thirst and a Washington in hand.

Via AdWeek

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