BrilliantPad Review – the Self-Cleaning Indoor Dog Potty

This puppy pad system spares dog owners from bad smells and dirty disposal.

BrilliantPad is a whole new development in doggy tech. Billed as “the world’s first self-cleaning indoor dog potty for puppies and small dogs,” this funded Indiegogo project is targeted towards owners of dogs under 35 pounds, especially those who have busy schedules or who live in apartments. But, there are considerations for dogs, too — this convenient indoor potty wants to help out dogs who are older or can’t go outside, or puppies who have just gotten vaccinated.

An indoor dog potty is nothing new, of course, but BrilliantPad makes things a little more pleasant for both dogs and owners in theory. When your dog does their business on the pad, a motor at the end will roll the soiled pad into a storage compartment. Disposal is more sanitary for the humans, the puppies don’t have to hang out around their own waste, and everyone gets spared from the smell.

Personally, I have a busy schedule, and my dog Happy cannot get outside because of wolves who wander in my neighborhood. I was hoping this product would be a significant upgrade over using plain old low-tech puppy pads. Let’s see how this product turned out!

The makers of BrilliantPad claim their pads excel at absorbing urine. As dog owners who use puppy pads will know, our dogs do not always pee right in the middle of a brand new puppy pad; that’s why puppy pads usually have a plastic edge to prevent leakage. I was skeptical when I saw the BrilliantPad pads had no such plastic border, but those fears were quickly dispelled once I saw my dog urinating near the edge. The BrilliantPad retained and spread the urine within the pad, with no leakage. One of the most impressive features of the BrilliantPad is how quickly the urine spreads and dries itself out — much quicker than your traditional puppy pad. For the BrilliantPad, ultra absorbent is a fact, not just a marketing buzzword.

The triple odor defense within the waste compartment is top-notch. Solid waste from dogs can stink up a room very quickly if left out. Even when traditional puppy pads are carefully rolled up with soiled waste inside, the odor will always leak out. That’s not the case with the BrilliantPad — even after extensive usage, there is not even a faint odor emanating from the waste compartment. This was definitely the most outstanding aspect of the BrilliantPad. The motor that pulls the pads into the waste compartment is not quite whisper quiet, but it was quiet enough that it didn’t startle my dog Happy when he first heard it (ed. note: it cannot be overstated how difficult it is to not startle Happy).

The standout feature of the BrilliantPad is supposed to be that the pads are rolled up automatically. I found this feature a bit underwhelming. The BrilliantPad has a timed advancement of the roll and a manual advancement of the roll. The manual advance has two options: advance pad and advance a full roll (27 pads). The timed advance can be set for 8 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours, which I found disappointing. There’s no clock on the machine, so if you had work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and wanted the pad to advance right as you’re getting off work, you would have to be sure to manually set the eight-hour interval before leaving — you can’t schedule the pad to advance at a certain time.

Additionally, I thought a timer of 4 or 6 hours might be more convenient than 12 or 24 hours. Happy is able to wait 8 to 10 hours to poop, but he might pee one to three times while I’m at work. It would be nice to have the pad cycle during this time so that he does not track pee around the house in the event that he steps back on the BrilliantPad before pad advancement can happen. I think with an addition of a clock for scheduling and 4 or 6 hour options, the BrilliantPad could really be something special.

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