There’s a Samsung Galaxy S8 Pirates Of The Caribbean Edition

This special edition S8 comes in a box designed to look like a treasure chest.

Pirate fans will love this special edition of the Galaxy 8S, if they can get their hands on one.
According to Phone Arena Phone Arena Samsung’s Pirates of the Caribbean themed version of the Galaxy S8 is now on sale, but only in China. The special Pirates of the Caribbean themed phone costs about $100 more than a regular Galaxy S8 with a retail price of $880. But, it comes with some pretty awesome Pirates of the Caribbean themed extras like special cases, sounds, and other extras.

The handset comes in a special Pirates of the Caribbean themed box that is designed to look like a treasure chest and has the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales logo on it. The logo is also featured on one of the two cases that come with the phone.

The outside of the phone has no detailing and looks like the regular Galaxy S8. All the branded Pirates special edition content is on the inside. Some of the special branded extras that this phone contains include sounds from the movie and themes based on scenes from Dead Men Tell No Tales. The phone has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of memory. The rest of the phone’s specs are the same as a regular Galaxy S8. But if you collect Samsung special editions or if you really love the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise you’ll want to get one of these if you can.

Right now the phone is only being sold in China, but it’s still possible that it will be released in the US and in the rest of the world. It is currently available from Chinese retailers JD.com. If you want to see for yourself what the Pirates of the Caribbean Samsung Galaxy S8 looks like and what the specially designed case look like you can check it out here:


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