Dr. Dabber Boost Review

The days of needing a blowtorch to heat your glass rig may soon be over. And that’s a good thing. The battery-powered Boost from Dr. Dabber is a portable concentrate e-rig, rivaling the power and performance of traditional glass rigs without the need for fire. So put down the torch and read on and see what else the future has in store for you.

Built with the perfect balance of weight and size in mind, the Boost looks and feels like a beast. The rig is wrapped in a smooth black finish and sits in a detachable magnetic base to keep things upright. Thanks to the foam slots inside the rugged carrying case, transporting the Boost is a breeze.

Using water with conventional glass rigs has been a long-standing tradition. Being no different, the Boost’s glass mouthpiece holds a reservoir of water that cools the vapor, leaving you with a rip of smooth robust clouds. For the optimum amount of airflow and to prevent water from splashing in your mouth during use, be sure to only fill the reservoir a quarter of the way full with water.

The Boost offers three varieties of domeless nails to choose from: titanium, ceramic and quartz. All three nails produce amazingly potent and tasty vapor and are easily swappable by screwing on/off. A little on the small side, the nails could benefit from being larger, especially when using sizeable amounts of concentrate.

Touting 35-40 sessions on a single charge, the Boost’s long-lasting rechargeable battery is sure to keep the party going. Do yourself a favor and charge the rig overnight as it takes eight hours to fully charge via micro USB.

The Boost is one of the easiest to use rigs with the most consistent performance. Set things in motion with a few quick presses of the power button. While the nail heats to temperature (taking about 25 seconds), grab a small dab of concentrate using the tip of the loading tool. Snap the magnetic carb cap onto the loading tool and wait for the power light to change from white to blue. When blue, carefully place the concentrate onto the nail and slowly draw in those luscious clouds.

As you pull, the vapor will be cooled as it passes through the water in the glass attachment. Once the concentrate has completely melted from the loading tool, flip it upside down and cap the nail. Capping will cause the vapor to milk up, resulting in a giant rip of clouds. After clearing the hazy vapor from the mouthpiece, kick back and enjoy the ride.

Keeping your piece clean is always a good idea as it ensures tasty clouds, hit after hit. To thoroughly clean the glass mouthpiece simply remove it from the rig, slowly fill with isopropyl alcohol and gently shake until clean.

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